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Set in the Fantasy world of Alandria, where Undead and Orc forces have gathered for the first time.


Firestone Online Idle RPG is an idle battler game that places the desire for nonstop action in your hands: Have your heroes auto-battle fully AFK and enjoy the fantasy combat visuals, or go on an incremental clicker frenzy to beat monstrous bosses! In this clicker game you will collect heroes, upgrade skills and equipment, chat with guild friends or engage in war-machine PVP – the choice is in your hands!

Immersive experience

Explore a rich fantasy world with captivating stories and various creatures. Engage in non-stop auto battles, either in idle mode or with an active, clicker-style approach. Form a guild for friendly multiplayer interactions and enhance your gameplay with helpful buffs and missions. Test your skills in the PVP arena, climb leaderboards, and become the ultimate champion. Deep progression awaits as you research, craft, and upgrade your heroes and equipment. Enjoy a wide range of features, including events, quests, talent trees, alchemy, mini card games, achievements, avatars, chat, and epic boss battles.

Friendly Multiplayer

Join forces with a guild and forge new friendships. Social gaming provides valuable buffs for guild members, increased mission rewards, and access to raids and expeditions. It’s also a great place to chat with fellow players!

PVP Arena

Prepare your team for relentless battles in the arena. Engage in PvP combat, climb the leaderboards, and prove your skills in Firestone: Online Idle RPG. The arena beckons you to become the ultimate champion and forge your legend!


  • Hero Collection
  • Rich Fantasy RPG Story
  • Non-Stop Auto Battles
  • Friendly Multiplayer
  • PVP Arena
  • Deep Progression

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