Firestone Patch Notes

Version 5.1.5


  • Increased the guild description to 400 characters from 140.
  • Increased the guild personal note to 250 characters from 140.
  • The guild sales will come with the goblin merchant air trading balloon in the guild town from now on!


  • Fixed the bug with the hero auto-abilities.
  • Fixed the bug with the hero upgrade level up.
  • Fixed the bug that wouldn’t allow you to use all 250 characters when writing a message in the chat.
  • Fixed several small bugs that you reported.

Version 5.1.4
What’s New:

  • New server (S-6) Calamindor has been launched!
  • New server event has just launched. The new server event ends at December 1, 2021, 10:00am UTC time.
  • Warfront event will also run on (S-6) Calamindor. The warfront event ends at December 15, 2021 10:00am UTC time.


  • The Arcane Crystal and the Awakening mechs now unlock at level 50 instead of 80.
  • The hero slots are by default unlocked and will not require you purchase them again after a prestige.
  • The heroes will stay in their positions after prestige.
  • The first 5 heroes you summon will directly be positioned in the battle.


  • Fixed several small bugs that you reported.

Version 5.1.3
What’s New:

  • Talent system has been redesigned and added lots of new talents.
  • Added more guild levels and new banners!
  • Added more levels on the guild Tree of life and new upgrades.


  • Fixed the bug that some players on kongregate, armorgames and google play could land on a different server when they were opening the game.
  • Fixed several small bugs that you reported.

Version 5.1.2

  • Fixed the visual bug that the the war machine cards were disappearing.
  • Fixed the bug that the guilds at max level wouldn’t load properly.
  • Tavern rewards will properly generate all the scrolls and inventory items.
  • Fixed the memory leak when using hero Molly

Version 5.1.1
What’s New:

  • Added a new amulet. The amulet of Conquest.
  • Added the currencies in the bag.
  • Added new sacred cards for the war machines.
  • Created a new toolip for the currencies that you can see their whole number.
  • Added a button in the settings to help you find the patch notes.
  • Added achievements for the new map ranks.


  • The missions on the world map will now show you the real time instead of the original time.
  • The hero abilities became slightly bigger on the mobile UI.


  • Fixed the bug that the Beer dragon was hiding 2 notifications.

Version 5.1.0
What’s New:

  • New Hero: Molly has been added to the heroes, you can unlock her after Randal!
  • A new storyline quest system has been added for the new users.
  • Expanded the research trees on Library, Exotic Merchant and Alchemist.
  • New map ranks have been added.
  • The town Irongard has been redesigned and is now animated.
  • The world map of Alandria has been redesigned.


  • A big part of the game has been converted to server side coding.
  • The beers will be dropped from a dragon in the battle from now on. The beers generated offline will also be dropped from the dragon instead of appearing in the offline earnings popup.
  • Goddess Aurelia has been redesigned, along with several other female heroes.
  • Heroes that you unlock, will be summoned from now on (visual).
  • The UI of the battle has been redesigned to be more minimal and easy to use.
  • You can switch from the settings menu between the Desktop and the Mobile UI.
  • Servers S1-Moonglen, S2-Riverlands and S3-Hombor have been merged.
  • Animations of hero Danysa have been recreated.
  • Fixes:

  • The Battle Cry that was showing a wrong number on inspect window has been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug with the daily login that was occuring after the 28th day.
  • Solved dozens of bugs that could occur from time to time in the main battle.
  • Version 5.0.6
    What’s New:

    • New Server: S5 – Stormspire!
    • Rarity Avatars: Your avatar will change background based on your character level.
    • New animated splash screen has been added in the game.
    • Changes:

    • The common rarity color is now brownish instead of gray to avoid confusion with the color of disabled things.
    • Fixes:

    • Fixed the bug that in some languages some letters weren’t working or were rendered in a weird way.
    • Fixed the bug that was causing daily and weekly quests not to work as intended.
    • Fixed the bug that when you were pressing space after closing the chat panel the guardian wouldn’t attack.
    • Fixed the bug that when you were inspecting heroes of another player within the leaderboard in the warfront campaign the heroes were very small in size.

    Version 5.0.5
    What’s New:

    • New Hero: Randal has been added to the heroes, you can unlock him after Sely!
    • Daily Rewards: Revised the daily rewards and replaced void crystals with expedition tokens.
    • Quests: Recreated the daily and weekly quests from scratch. New quests with new types of rewards and a menu redesign.
    • Chest opening: Added the Void Crystals and the Ethereal Shards on the Chest Rewards summary after you open a chest.
    • UI: Recreated the menus of the game to be Animated Menus. (you can disable this on the settings menu if you prefer the old static style).
    • Changes:

    • Changed several UI elements in the game.
    • Updated the Cheating policy and the Chat rules to reflect the nature of the game.
    • (Desktop only) If you keep space button pressed, the guardian will keep attacking.
    • Rebalanced Sely’s basic and advanced attributes.
    • Fixes:

    • Fixed the bug that when you were trying to send a message for first time to someone, you couldn’t see the message until you restarted the game.
    • Fixed the bug that was causing the game to crash if you were attempting to transmute jewel chests too fast.
    • Fixed the bug that all the numbers below 1000 would be visually rounded if they had decimals.
    • Fixed the bug with the progress bars not working as intented at the Firestone researches in the Library.
    • Fixed the bug that the guardian was attacking when you clicked space while writing in the chat.
    • Fixed the bug that the camera position on the campaign map were resetting after each battle.

    Version 5.0.4
    What’s New:

    • Hall of heroes: Added a submenu that you can see how heroed affects a war machine when they are in their crew.
    • Changes:

    • Jewel effects have been boosted slightly.
    • Added buttons to access the chat through the warfront campaign and the engineer.
    • On the popup that you set the war machine crew we added the option to sort your heroes based on their effect on the damage/health/armor of the war machine.
    • Fixes:

    • Fixed the bug that sometimes, some players couldn’t see the competition timer.
    • Fixed the visual bug that Aegis special ability seemed to be healing the enemy.
    • Fixed the bug that sometimes was causing talents to reset.

    Version 5.0.0
    Warfront Expansion

    What’s New:

    • The new expansion named “Warfront” has landed on Alandria.
    • New mechanisms: Engineer, battles, campaign.
    • War machines have been added into the game, you can now engage in the campaign missions and daily missions with them and get unique rewards.
    • Jewels: The hero equipment has been extended. Jewels have been added and you can acquire them by opening Jewel chests.
    • Exotic merchant: Jewel chests can now be purchased in the Emblem Market.
    • Alchemist: You can now use Elixir of Life to transmute Jewel chests.
    • Hall of heroes: The submenus Enchanting and Seals of Power have been separated using the new category buttons to the left side of information area.
    • Leaderboards: War machine power has been added in the leaderboards.
    • Warfront Competition: The competition for the warfront has started and ends on the 15th of May 2021. See more info inside the game.


    • Hero Stars: The stars of heroes now appear on their avatars.
    • Player inspect: The player inspect popup has been redesigned to include information about the fellowship and the war machines.
    • Awakening: When your arcane crystals are not enough for the current awakening option, the option that you can afford will be auto-selected.
    • Store: You can now see all the currencies and chests you already have on the store. The epic chest can now be purchased on the store with gems once you unlock it.
    • UI: Changed some UI elements on the alchemist.
    • UX: During chest opening you can click the chest repeatedly to extract the cards much faster. The 2x speed is now default so the button has been removed.
    • UX: When clicking the notification for the Expeditions, the expedition popup will appear in the battle screen instead of navigating you to the guild.
    • UX: If you had accessed Awakening from the battle screen notification, you won’t be send to the hall of heroes when exiting awakening but in the battle screen instead.
    • UX: When trying to get more Pickaxes on the Arcane Crystal menu the guild shop will open as a popup instead of navigating you to the guild.


    • Fixed the visual bug that the guardians auras were displayed as +0% when the numbers were really high.
    • Achievements will now appear in menus as well.

    We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter!


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