Firestone Patch Notes version 5

Version 5.0.4
What’s New:

  • Hall of heroes: Added a submenu that you can see how heroed affects a war machine when they are in their crew.
  • Changes:

  • Jewel effects have been boosted slightly.
  • Added buttons to access the chat through the warfront campaign and the engineer.
  • On the popup that you set the war machine crew we added the option to sort your heroes based on their effect on the damage/health/armor of the war machine.
  • Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that sometimes, some players couldn’t see the competition timer.
  • Fixed the visual bug that Aegis special ability seemed to be healing the enemy.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes was causing talents to reset.

Version 5.0.0
Warfront Expansion

What’s New:

  • The new expansion named “Warfront” has landed on Alandria.
  • New mechanisms: Engineer, battles, campaign.
  • War machines have been added into the game, you can now engage in the campaign missions and daily missions with them and get unique rewards.
  • Jewels: The hero equipment has been extended. Jewels have been added and you can acquire them by opening Jewel chests.
  • Exotic merchant: Jewel chests can now be purchased in the Emblem Market.
  • Alchemist: You can now use Elixir of Life to transmute Jewel chests.
  • Hall of heroes: The submenus Enchanting and Seals of Power have been separated using the new category buttons to the left side of information area.
  • Leaderboards: War machine power has been added in the leaderboards.
  • Warfront Competition: The competition for the warfront has started and ends on the 15th of May 2021. See more info inside the game.


  • Hero Stars: The stars of heroes now appear on their avatars.
  • Player inspect: The player inspect popup has been redesigned to include information about the fellowship and the war machines.
  • Awakening: When your arcane crystals are not enough for the current awakening option, the option that you can afford will be auto-selected.
  • Store: You can now see all the currencies and chests you already have on the store. The epic chest can now be purchased on the store with gems once you unlock it.
  • UI: Changed some UI elements on the alchemist.
  • UX: During chest opening you can click the chest repeatedly to extract the cards much faster. The 2x speed is now default so the button has been removed.
  • UX: When clicking the notification for the Expeditions, the expedition popup will appear in the battle screen instead of navigating you to the guild.
  • UX: If you had accessed Awakening from the battle screen notification, you won’t be send to the hall of heroes when exiting awakening but in the battle screen instead.
  • UX: When trying to get more Pickaxes on the Arcane Crystal menu the guild shop will open as a popup instead of navigating you to the guild.


  • Fixed the visual bug that the guardians auras were displayed as +0% when the numbers were really high.
  • Achievements will now appear in menus as well.

We want to thank everyone for reporting issues you encounter!


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