Who sails the boat?

In Holyday Studios, we invest a lot on creating a team passionate at developing and playing games. We are a fully independent studios and the strongest dream of the team is to create games that will make people positive and happy. The people who make this dream come true are below. If you want to join our team, check for any open vacancies at the moment.

Meet the team

mike siamantas Team Leader

Mike Siamantas

Co-Owner / Financial Officer / Developer

Mike is one of the Creators of the Studio. His dream is to bring happiness to the World through Games. He is a passionate gamer and game designer, he loves good food and enjoys music. He is inspired by the universe and the nature. Currently playing World of Warcraft.
alex siamantas Team Leader

Alex Siamantas

Co-Owner / Business Development Officer / Developer

Alex is a passionate gamer who turned his hobby into a business. He co-created Holyday studios back in 2015 and since then he is dedicated on entertaining gamers with great games! When he is not working he spends his time cooking and experimenting in various cuisines. He also loves laying on the beach doing nothing. Currently Playing: World of Warcraft
Alexios Tzanetopoulos Team Leader

Alexios Tzanetopoulos

Co-Owner / Technology Officer

Alexios is the man behind the machine. He feels as his home. If server is down, now you know who to put the blame on. Snorkeling, swimming and tennis are few of his hobbies when not playing or developing games. Currently Playing: Clash of Clans.
irene ntalla

Irene Ntalla

Community – Marketing Manager

Interacting with the coolest gamers on daily basis makes her work fun and interesting. She joins in on dozens of awesome conversations with passionate gamers from every corner of the planet every day. And oh so much more! A coffee addict and Beer lover that loves playing games in her free time. Currently playing: World of Warcraft
peter stylianou

Peter Stylianou


Peter’s graphic contributions can be seen through all over the web. You don’t believe us? Oh for Pete’s sake… just google his name! Peter is fueled by burgers,tattoos, coffee and good design. Currently Playing: Last of Us 2 .
stella violari

Stella Violari


Stella sits on the PC and draws all day like her bosses told her to do. Stella listens to her superiors. Be like Stella. Asset artist by day, comic artist by night! Stella is also trying to educate her fellow collegues about Japanese culture. Currently playing: Persona 5
savvas papadopoulos

Savvas Papadopoulos


Savvas is a designer and visual artist in the company. His main task is to design assets and his second task is to design them well. Currently Playing: Rome Total War
dimitris evgenidis

Dimitrios Evgenidis

Unity Developer

Dimitris is the Unity Specialist of the team. He is responsible to bring the design team ideas to life. His passion for games and science was the essential reason to pursue a career as a game developer. In his spare time he loves reading, meditating and working out. Currently Playing: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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