Work for Holyday Studios?

Have you ever thought that a career in a Gaming Studio may be fun and inspiring? Would you ever try a job which is both fun and creative? It is about time to start a career, in which playing games will be part of your business. At least, now you will have an excuse when your mother asks you if you will ever stop playing games.

As a result, Holyday Studios try to develop a team which can always have fun while working. We are always searching for talented young people that acquire 3 vital characteristics:

  • Having passion with playing games
  • Being motivated professional
  • Being ready to work on amazing projects


Open Career:

Unfortunately, Holyday Studios is not currently searching for professionals for any specific position.
However, if you think you have all the passion and skills required to fit in our team, do not hesitate to send us your CV at:

HolydayStudios Career

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